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ROLL UP :: Weekly Dip 6-6 thru 6-12
June 06, 2011 05:48 PM PDT
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VOTE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! HDPCharts.com

1st time making it to #1 this week is Proteje ft Kymani Marley "Rasta Love", after many weeks on the countdown they finally hit the #1 spot. #2 this week is Chris Martin's "Paper Loving" followed by Mavado's "Pepper" at #3. Aidonia makes it to #4 with "Chat From No Boy" and Konshens is at #5 with "Talk Bout Me". Surprisngly there is no Vybz Kartel on the countdown this week!!! Vote Now!!

On the Bubbling 5 we have a brand new #1, RDX secures the spot with "Tuku Tuku". Wasp makes it to #2 with "The Government". D'Angel is back at #3 with "Bus Stop". After 4 weeks at #1 Ovamarz slides to #4 with "Now You See Me, Now You Don't" and newcomer Chronixx is at #5 with "Behind Curtain" VOTE NOW!!

We premiered the new "Empire Forever" from Kartel & crew. The riddim of the week is Wildlife from Di Genius, with a mix by Guereg Selecta outta Switzerland.

Artist of the week is KHRISTOPHER, with his song & video "Do Whatever" featured for the week.

Make sure you visit HDPCharts.com to vote & download this week's mixtape from DJ Dilemma!!

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DONE ALREADY :: Weekly Dip May 31st - June 5th
June 01, 2011 01:40 PM PDT
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VOTE NOW!!!! www.HDPCharts.com

Last week the voting was for the ladies, cuz this week it went to the men!! Coming back as #1 is Chan Dizzy's "Hello Badmind" followed by Aidonia's 1st time ever in the top 5 at #2 with "Chat From No Boy" as well as Assassin at #3 with "Talk How Mi Feel". Konshens slides down to #4 with "Talk Bout Me". Making their way back into the top 5 this week is Protege & Kymani Marley with "Rasta Love" at #5.
For the 4th week in a row, Ovamarz "Now You See Me, Now You Don't" has made #1 Bubbler. Stein's "Fall in Love" is at #2. Chris Martin's "Paper Loving" *** is at #3, Ikaya's "Fly Away" at #4, and Wasp has made to #5 with "The Government". (***Note about Chris Martin's "Paper Loving" - it has been moved to the HDP 10 voting due to the age of the song)
Artist of the Week is the one & only, Macka Diamond with "Cowfoot" is featured the video & single of the week. Here is more on Macka Diamond http://www.hdpcharts.com/aotw-macka
Riddim of the Week is Jinx Riddim from JA Productions, Mixtape is Close Range Sound's "Ignition". Check out the premiere of Jah Vinci & Tarrus Riley new singles on the show, plus a Jinx Riddim & Macka Diamond mix!!!
Sponsor of the Week is: RAHTID 2 RAHTID Compilation Album >> http://bit.ly/m46ZtZ


TALK HOW MI FEEL :: Weekly Dip 5-23 thru 5-29
May 25, 2011 05:05 PM PDT
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VOTE NOW :: http://www.hdpcharts.com/

Hanging on to the #1 spot again this week is Macka Diamond & friends with "Too Much Bull", followed by another set of Dancehall Divas Danielle ft Cherine at #2 with "Rebel". Newcomer to the countdown is Konshens, with "Talk Bout Mi" at #3. Ending out the top 5 is Vybz Kartel with "Tun Up The Scheme" 3rd week at #4, and Kartel ft Sheba with "You & Him Deh" at #5.

Locking the #1 spot for the 3rd week on the Bubbling 5 is Ovamarz with "Now You See Me, Now You Don't", followed by Stein and his 2nd week at #2 with "Fall in Love". Making it to #3 again this week is Ikaya's "Fly Away". Appearing back on the bubblers is D'Angel's "Bus Stop" at #4 and Chris Martin's "Paper Loving" at #5.

Artist of the week is Stein and his song "Top Gallis", find out more about Stein herehttp://www.hdpcharts.com/aotw-stein

Riddim of the week is "Summer Scheme" and the video is JINX MEDLEY.

Check out all the new singles (Mavado, RDX, Stylo G, and more), get the mixtape of the week download, oh and VOTE NOW!!! http://www.hdpcharts.com/.

Sponsor of the week is: HDPWorld.net

HDP World

MOTIVATION :: Weekly Dip 5-16 thru 5-22
May 16, 2011 09:55 PM PDT
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www.HDPCharts.com >> VOTE NOW!!

Hey . . . last week Swagga was under the weather, but she's back in full force, with a new #1! This week brings Macka Diamond & Friends "Too Much Bull" back into the #1 spot again. Followed by Proteje & Kymani Marley in #2 with "Rasta Love". #3 Spot is held by last week's #1 Chan Dizzy's "Hello Badmind". Vybz Kartel's "Tun Up The Scheme" stays at #4, and the top 5 ends with Mavado's "Star Bwoy".

The Bubbling 5 #1 spot is held again by Ovamarz with his single "Now You See Me, Now You Don't". Stein's "Fall In Love" made it to #2, with Ikaya's "Fly Away" popping back onto the countdown at #3. Teflon's "Jah Nuh Let Me Go" landed at #4, and the Bubbling 5 ends this week with Wasp's "The Government" at #5.


Riddim of the week is Klappaz Riddim from UIM Records. The featured song & video are both held by this week's artist of the week, DJ Sunshine, with her single "Heart of the Party". Read more about Sunshine here.

Visit the site now to download the mixtape of the week, to vote, and check out the 5 things!

This week's sponsor is: ROADBLOCK FILMS!

RoadBlock Films!

BACK IT UP :: Weekly Dip :: 5-2 thru 5-9
May 04, 2011 06:09 PM PDT
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Brand new #1 . . . first time as #1 on the charts this week is CHAN DIZZY with "Hello Badmind", followed by Proteje with "Rasta Love" and newcomer Romain Virgo at 33 with "Taking You Home". Ending the top 5 is Vybz Kartel with #4 "Tun Up The Scheme" and #5 "You & Him Deh".

The Bubbling 5 this week is filled with all new songs, #1 is OVAMARZ with "Now You See Me, Now You Don't", with Wasp "The Government" closely behind at #2. Reaching #3 is Stein's "Fall in Love" followed by D'Angel's "Bus Stop" and ending with Teflon's "Jah Nuh Let Me Go"

We had a bit of Carnival in the air, playing the Soca 2011 riddim "Condem" as the riddim of the week. And we premiered new summer tunes from Vybz Kartel & Elephant Man.

Artist of the week is Denno, his new single "Cyaan Stop Dah Yute Yah" is also the featured song and video of the week, check him out here www.hdpcharts.com/aotw-denno

Download this week's mixtape and catch the question of the week, 5 things and more by visiting www.HDPCharts.com now!!!

Sponsor of the week is EventsJA.com


STICKY A ROAD!! Weekly Dip 4-25 thru May 2nd
April 25, 2011 08:32 PM PDT

www.HDPCharts.com >> VOTE NOW!!!!

BRAND NEW #1 this week!!! Shooting straight to the #1 spot this week is Vybz Kartel ft Sheba's "You & Him Deh", followed by #2 "Tun Up The Scheme" also from Kartel. Landing at #3 is Kahlil's "Gonna Be Sorry". Dropping to #4 this week is Chan Dizzy's "Hello Badmind", followed by Erup's "Pop The Bottle". Newcomer this week is Aidonia's "Chat From No Boy" at #7. VOTE NOW!!

The Bubbling 5 also has a newcomer placing on the chart, #4 finds Chris Martin's "Paper Loving" this week. Ikaya's "Fly Away" at #3, Cecile's "Rise Up" at #2, and Kym's "How Would You Feel" is at #1 for the 6 week in a row. Of course we can't miss Calado's "Sad Streets" at #5. Make sure you vote now!!

New music featured this week is Wasp's "The Government" (also video of the week), Stein's "Pray Man a Pray", and Macka Diamond's "Cow Foot". You can also hear Stein, Bounty Killa, Kym, and a host of other's on PayDay Music's "Quick Fix Riddim" which is the Riddim of the Week.

Check out Artist of the Week, Riquey Bingham here, and catch his single "Come Back to Me".

Make sure you visit the site now to download the Mixtape of the Week, watch the Video of the Week, and check out the question of the week!!!

Alright . . . VISIT & VOTE NOW!!

This week's sponsor is: YARDBACK.com >> www.YardBack.com


MAN DOWN :: the Weekly Dip - 4-18 thru 4-24
April 18, 2011 09:07 PM PDT

www.HDPCharts.com :: VOTE RIGHT NOW!!!!

BRAND NEW #1 this week!!! Finally making it to #1 after moving up and down on the chart is Vybz Kartel's "Benz Punnany" followed by newcomer to the chart "Tun Up The Scheme" also from Kartel. "Hello Badmind" comes in at #3, and last's week's #1 "Gonna Be Sorry" from Kahlil lands at #4. Ending the top 5 this week is Erup's "Pop the Bottle". VIEW the CHART now to see the rest of the top 10 and VOTE NOW!!!!!

Staying at #1 for the 5th week in a row is Kym's "How Would You Feel", followed by Cecile's "Rise Up" at #2. Voicemail's "Phone Sex" peaks at #3, with Calado's "Sad Streets" dropping to #4, and finishing with Ikaya's "Fly Away" at #5.

Artist of the Week is Opal, with her new song "Balance" produced by Young Veterans featured as the song of the week. Find out a little more on Opal here.

Riddim of the Week is "Fresh Medz" produced by Warrior Musick. Along with premiering selections from the riddim, check out new songs from Hollowpoint, Delus, and D'Vercity.

Check out HDPCharts.com and download the mixtape of the week "Street Element Vol 1" and watch the new video from Delus "Sticky A Road"

Alright . . . VISIT & VOTE NOW!!

This week's sponsor is: BASHMENT MAGAZINE

Bashment Sessions

A DAT MI KNOW!! Episode - Weekly Dip 4/10 to 4/16
April 10, 2011 08:33 PM PDT

HDPCharts.com - VOTE NOW!!!

Making it to #1 this week is Kahlil's "Gonna Be Sorry" followed by Erup's "Pop The Bottle". This week's voting was down to the last minute, challenging the #1 and #2 song is #3 Kartel's "Tun Up the Scheme" which made it debut into the top 5. #4 is fastly moving up, Chan Dizzy's "Hello Badmind". Ending out the top 5 this week is another debut, Mavado's "Pon Di Ting". He also has #9 spot with "Star Bwoy". Slipping down this week is "Rasta Love" at #6 and "Badder Than Dem" at #10, hopefully they'll get voted back up!

Holding strong for another week on the Bubbling 5 is Kym's "How Would You Feel", followed by Calado's "Sad Streets" which moved up to #2. New entry is "Girls Dem Love We" #3 song from Shaggy ft Mavado. Voicemail's "Phone Sex" is holding down the #4 spot for another week and the Bubbling 5 ends with Cecile's "Rise Up" at #5.

We featured a new release from Kartel "Bike Back" along with new singles of the Gaza World Riddim (the Riddim of the week).

Check out Shalli (www.hdpcharts.com/aotw-shalli) and her song "Show My Love" is the song of the week.

Do remember . . . www.HDPCharts.com for voting and all the show info! (Make sure you listen for the 5 Things & this week's throwback!!)

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Wine For Me Episode :: Weekly Dip 4/3 -4/9
April 04, 2011 07:51 PM PDT


We missed last week but we're back!!!

#1 for the 3rd week in a row is Erup's "Pop The Bottle". Once again big up the Digiplay Records promotional team for getting those votes in! A surprise leap to the #2 spot this week is Vybz Kartel's "Benz Punanny" followed by another surprise, #3 "Rasta Love" from Proteje ft Kymani Marley. Both of those songs have been bouncing around the lower half of the chart for weeks! Back in the top 5 again is Macka Diamond & Friends "Too Much Bull" at #4. Finishing the top 5 is "Badder Than Dem" I-Octane ft Zamunda. Tune in and listen to the countdown completely.

On the Bubbling 5, "Phone Sex" from Voicemail, "Sad Streets" from Calado, and "Fly Away" from Ikaya were introduced (#4, #3 and #2) with this week's #1 Kym's "How Would You Feel" and #5 Blak Diamon "Can't Style Me".

New music this week featured is "Wine After Wine" Blak Diamon, "Don't Wanna Be A Memory" Mavado, "Full of Shit" J Capri, "Real Badman" Vybz Kartel, along with "Wine For Me" from New Kidz which is a single from the riddim of the week "Kuff Kaff Riddim".

Visit the site to see the video of the week Kartel's "Benz Punanny & You and Him Deh", mixtape of the week is DJ Silent Killa's "Killing You Softly Vol 3" and the throwback song is Soul For Real "Candy Rain" Artist of the week is Kym and her song "How Would You Feel", read more here.

Question of the week is: Do you like your bread with BUTTER or JELLY? LOL. Don't forget to check out the new segment :: TOP 5 THINGS!!

Listen to the show, then visit www.HDPCharts.com to vote!!

Sponsor of this week's show is:


Weekly Dip - 3/20/11 - Swagga Like Us Episode
March 20, 2011 10:01 PM PDT

VOTE NOW!! www.HDPCharts.com

New Week! New Countdown!

#1 spot has switched up again!! Making it to #1 this week is "Pop The Bottle" from Erup. "Too Much Bull" last week's #1 has fallen to the #3 spot, while newcomer to the HDP 10 Countdown, Kahlil's "Gonna Be Sorry" made it to #2 on their 1st week in voting. Once again . . . Big up promotional teams!!!! Taking a slide to #4 is "Puff It" I Octane, and bouncing back up to the top 5 is Demarco's "Love My Life" at #5. We're happy to see "Rasta Love" Proteje ft Kymani Marley, still holding strong on the charts for 3 weeks now! Sad to see "Stronger" Baby Cham ft Bounty Killa & Mykal Rose missing this week!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO VOTE NOW!!!

Artist of the week is Blak Diamon and his single "Can't Style Me" is the song. Get familiar with Blak Diamon and check out the mini mix in the show!!

Riddim of the week is a throwback (special request from the Birthday Girl, Swagga) "Diwali". Mixtape is Dj Dredski's "Dancehall Swag Tun Up". Video is Mr Lexx's "Swag Diggy"

Visit www.HDPCharts.com now to VOTE, LISTEN, and check out this URBAN #1s and EVENTS for this week!!

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